22. 04. 2017
Vineyard by CAFNR via Creative Commons

The Land We Once Had

By Abdullah Allabwani Alzabadany means “the Good” – a land that doesn’t let a seed lie in vain, but nurtures it until it grows to become a tree and gives its produce to...

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14. 04. 2017
elie's trip1

An Artist’s Travels

By Elie Gerges I inherited my passion for art from my father. Even as a child I drew on the walls. I always dreamt of studying fine arts at Damascus University, but my...

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22. 10. 2016
Arch Trafalgar Square by Manateedugong via Creative Commons

The Arch

Sometimes I try to avoid saying I’m from Syria, just to avoid talking about it. I don’t think people understand. Maybe they have a good heart, but they approach it in the wrong...

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17. 04. 2016
Shipping crates by Lauren Manning via Creative Commons

Easy Target

By Shahed My fondest memories are those of childhood – memories of playtime, of true friends that I miss in these foreign lands. My city, Qamishli, a small city with humble streets, small...

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09. 04. 2016

The Door to Everything

By Zaina I have been asked to write about my memories of Homs, the city where my parents were born, the one which for many years meant Syria to me and which sadly has...

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19. 03. 2016
Europe by Rogiro

Beyond Barbed Wire

By Ahmad. Interview: Juan delGado, Translation: Samer Khoury On a cold night in 2013, I left my beloved house in my city Qamishli, and headed towards the barbed wire that separated our country from Turkey....

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