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Syria’s in the headlines almost every day. But very few of those news reports are about what it’s actually like to be Syrian.

We think it’s important to share the stories of ordinary Syrians, whether that’s a memory of evenings in Damascus, or a new life playing music on the streets of Istanbul.

We’ve started a monthly newsletter with the latest stories we’ve collected. You can sign up for it here. We promise not to spam you – we send one email a month and that’s it.


9 Responses to “Join Our Newsletter”

  • Gillian Gordon

    Love the work you are doing!

  • Hello Juan,

    This is Áine. What a wonderful project! Talk soon Áine

    • Yo también guardo montones de pequeñas cosas en frasquitos: arena de la playa -tan fina como la harina-, pequeñas conchas, piedrecitas rendsdeaoad, botones de colores… Pero ninguno es tan espectacular como este frasquito que nos muestras. La acuarela es un encanto, una preciosidad. Gracias Geninne. Un abrazo

  • admin

    Thanks very much for your kind words, and please do spread the word! Best, Talking Syria team :)

  • Kate

    A wonderful website and platform of human stories – great work..keep it up!!

  • Mohamad Al ahmar

    it was my good luck to met with you in wakefield.
    you are doing wonderful job .
    wish you all the best with all the support i can do for you . .

  • Steveetee

    Please send me the newsletter

  • I would be delighted to receive your newsletter and a possible work collaboration with you. I am the CEO of Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network which provides services to refugees and migrants from all nationalities.

    • admin

      Hi, we’d love to speak to you too! We’ve got your email so will drop you a line. Thanks for visiting our website.

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