13. 11. 2017

A Stroll in Aleppo

By Pauline Saadé Anthony While visiting Aleppo in the summer of 2010, I invited my American-born husband to stroll through its streets, starting from our old house in Azizieh, a neighbourhood near the citadel....

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16. 10. 2017

Swedish Idol

By Mega Arsheed Three years ago, I was lying on my sister’s sofa in Lebanon, looking through the window and finding it hard to fall asleep. I was a 19-year-old boy, and I...

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26. 02. 2017
Shahba Old Town2_photo by Amr Al-Faham (1)


By Anonymous I always miss the small town of Breeke, especially in the holidays. It’s not a fancy place. The locals plant aubergine in little fields – they love to fry aubergine. Or...

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22. 10. 2016
Arch Trafalgar Square by Manateedugong via Creative Commons

The Arch

Sometimes I try to avoid saying I’m from Syria, just to avoid talking about it. I don’t think people understand. Maybe they have a good heart, but they approach it in the wrong...

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09. 10. 2016
Hyde Park_Naor Mark_Creative Commons

A Londoner

By Firas I moved to London in October 2010. Before the war, people would ask me: “Where are you from?” And when I said: “From Syria,” many people would ask: “Where is Syria?”...

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30. 07. 2016
Aleppo market by Mr Theklan via Creative Commons

In The Souq

By Yasser Fallaha “I need some dates, spices and zaatar halabi, Ramadan might be tomorrow”, my mum said to my dad when we were sitting all together enjoying our morning coffee on the...

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16. 07. 2016
stadium 1

My Football Team

By Mazen Bittar Most of Syria’s football teams used to play on Fridays. As we were big fans of football, we used to wait impatiently for that day. There were two first class...

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01. 05. 2016
Smartphone by Graeme Paterson via Creative Commons

My Smartphone

By Salam Al-Nukta and Eyad Al-Khayat. Interview by Julia Rampen Salam I cannot see my family in Syria much, because it is so hard to get to them. So we send each other pictures on...

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17. 04. 2016
Shipping crates by Lauren Manning via Creative Commons

Easy Target

By Shahed My fondest memories are those of childhood – memories of playtime, of true friends that I miss in these foreign lands. My city, Qamishli, a small city with humble streets, small...

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09. 04. 2016

The Door to Everything

By Zaina I have been asked to write about my memories of Homs, the city where my parents were born, the one which for many years meant Syria to me and which sadly has...

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03. 04. 2016
Shisha by David Kotal via Creative Commons

The Syria Test

By Anmar Nassif. Interview by Julia Rampen My second interview with UK immigration, what they call a follow-up interview, was in July. They asked me a lot of questions. The first 20 were...

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19. 03. 2016
Europe by Rogiro

Beyond Barbed Wire

By Ahmad. Interview: Juan delGado, Translation: Samer Khoury On a cold night in 2013, I left my beloved house in my city Qamishli, and headed towards the barbed wire that separated our country from Turkey....

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13. 01. 2016
Adapted from Alex Keshavjee

My Daughter’s Face

I recalled my daughter’s face. It was worth experiencing this torture, if she could just live like the rest of the world’s children. She had been born during the war, while we passed...

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20. 12. 2015
Jusoor 1

My Bracelet

By Loulou When I was a young girl in Damascus, when everything seemed possible, I was told going to school and completing my education would be the most valuable thing I could do....

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30. 11. 2015
CoCopyright: Deborah Felmeth

Remember Me

By Deborah Felmeth In 2002, I was on the Queen of the rivers, the Euphrates, with my good friend Selina, a Dutch woman. You know how you’re on a river, and you see...

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07. 11. 2015
Guitar CC licence Paolo Martini

Journey To A New Life

By Fadi The first time I played guitar I was born in Saudi Arabia but my parents are from Deir ez-Zor. I used to visit every summer and stay with my family at...

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05. 09. 2015
Creative Commons Nikos Koutoulas

Passage to Europe

By Muhammed, told to Juan delGado Translated by Nick Salter I come from the city of Qamishli, where I spent the best days of my life.  Despite the variety of accents and faiths, it was...

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03. 07. 2015

Bicycle Love

  Before I had my bike, “Wings”, I used to get around Damascus on foot. But then I decided to speed things up. The city’s jasmine fell on my shoulders – I decorated...

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21. 06. 2015
Creatiive commons quantestorie

Flashbacks From Damascus

By Masa Kateb I miss everything about Damascus, down to the smallest details. I miss walking around the old city through alleys I’d discovered for the first time I miss chit chat with...

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06. 06. 2015
Hayat crop

Hayat’s Creations

By Abdullah Alesmael I wake up early every morning and head to work by way of Al Mashtal. When I start hearing the different languages, the road signs and ads written in different languages...

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31. 05. 2015
Smoke trails_Ed Hunsinger


By Samer Khoury He is playing in his backyard – as he has done all his long, boring five years – when his mum calls him in. It’s been like this for the...

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25. 05. 2015

The Vegetables Notebook

By Khaled Alesmael In our house everything has a notebook, beginning with the shopkeeper’s monthly notebook, the provisioning notebook, the family notebook, the salary notebook, the dictation notebook, the phone book. All these notebooks...

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14. 04. 2015
Homs 2 Sabamonin

A Soul to Remember

By ‘The Phoenix’ 28 November 2010. That was the day I packed my bags, said goodbye to my city and headed for Damascus. I contemplated the road through the car window and planned for...

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26. 03. 2015
Hussein Alazaat Bicycle Damascus Creative Commons

My Bicycle

By Iman Albuhturuy Translation: Samer Khoury My bicycle is my saviour. It offers pleasure, vitality. It has given me self assurance.  Riding it is always a new experience. One day I am an ordinary girl...

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01. 03. 2015
Bosra al sham

My City Bosra al-Sham

By Lubna Mekdad Translation by Simon-Paul Davis When the news breaks, my memories of you return, in letters soaked in cold blood. Oh my city.* My thoughts stop at what it was like before...

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24. 02. 2015

Aleppo Days

By Lyana Darwish Translated by Nick Salter These are murky and bitter days in Aleppo, days of endless exhaustion.  I can’t escape my situation. I grow increasingly tense and mad. As I think...

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18. 11. 2014
Two Kurdish boys on top of Mount Qasyun


By Samer Khoury I walk daily through Damascus, from the south to the west, and through the north.The city is Syria now – it has people from everywhere. It has refugees, like the elderly man...

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02. 11. 2014

My Basketball Kit

By Salah Hamwi Everything started when I was ten years old.  By that time I was already 170cm (5’6 feet) tall. My mum kept asking me to play basketball for two reasons. She...

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29. 10. 2014


By Rana Abdul Fattah “I pray every day for the souls of the dead and I read the Quran every morning, but something is wrong with my heart.” The woman speaking is a mother of...

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25. 10. 2014
Children’s Laughter

Children’s Laughter

By Saif Mekdad Translated by Nasir Alajmi   At the curve of the path by the nearby wheat field a laugh is flying as if it was an ululation – no, as if the...

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16. 10. 2014
Street near Bab Sharqi James Gordon

Morning Meditation

By Nazdar Youssef Some of my most beautiful memories are of a short walk through the alleyways of Bab Sharqi (Old Damascus Eastern Gate) on the way to my hospital shift. It led...

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03. 10. 2014
Maher Abdo crow

A Space to Paint

By Maher Abdo I came to Istanbul almost ten months ago. I live in the house of friend of mine, in an area called Mecidiyeköy. I used to paint when I first arrived...

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29. 09. 2014
Cindy Cornett Seigle

Exploring Syria Through Basketball

By Masa Kateb I scored my first basketball shot back when I was seven years old. I was too short and my arms were weak, so the average size seven ball wouldn’t reach...

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23. 09. 2014

Haurani Cinnamon

By  Maha Mekdad In Bosra Esham, when a new baby is born, we serve a cup of hot cinnamon and home-grown walnuts. It is a drink we prepare long before the birth. The...

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20. 09. 2014
Syrian candy by Trilli Bagus

The Smallest Gifts

By Daniela Nofal As a child, the trip to the grocery store was the highlight of my day. Maybe it was because I was allowed to go out, run around and contemplate adventures. Or...

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09. 09. 2014
Calais by  Kemal Vural Tarlan

Guest Post: In Calais

By Ammar Excerpt from the exhibition ‘Syria in Transit’ by Jon Davis and Kemal Vural Tarlan When I arrived in Calais I was very sorry I came. I realised I could not wait on the border like...

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07. 09. 2014

Micro Ride

  By Dima Mekdad When the driver of a London double decker bus stops to let one more running figure on, it always leaves a smile on my face. That such a well-calibrated system still...

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31. 08. 2014

One word

By Yara Shammaa My voice is filling every hole in the air. Never in my life did I think I had such an ability to scream. It feels as if I have stored...

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31. 07. 2014

My Father’s Dream

By Yara Alhasbani I began learning the principles of ballet at a modest sports club in my neighbourhood. My father had signed me up, despite the fact joining was expensive. My father had kept...

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28. 07. 2014

The next World Cup

By Massa Bitar I think about the World Cup four years ago. All the cafes were full, with large screens. I think about how everyone wore their team’s colours, about the celebratory car rides after...

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24. 07. 2014

Dreams and ambitions: Tell us yours

  “I hope I will be safe to pursue my ambitions. I hope to show the world I am an Arab dancer, from the country of Syria, and make real the dreams of...

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11. 07. 2014
Lost in Thought

Childhood memories: Tell us yours

“When we were little, we played hide and seek with all the kids from different neighbourhoods without caring where they came from or who their families were. We’d argue over who cheated and...

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23. 02. 2014

Trees Die Standing

By Hadaya Ghassan was the son of the old war veteran Mohammad Hassan Mehro and came from the small farming town of Jamaraya. He was the fifth and youngest of his siblings. His...

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23. 02. 2014

Seeking the Jasmine Breeze

By Massa Bitar I have lived my whole life, 17 years in Damascus, but for a long time I never realised or sensed the beauty of this place. I never realised the greatness...

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08. 02. 2014
Lovers locks

The Most Truthful Lie

By Maram Islambooli I saw the photo captured by my friend Suleiman years ago. A photo of a waste basket in a corner of one of Damascus parks, a photo which he was...

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08. 02. 2014
Snow street, Damascus

Moment of Departure

By S. Selka In 2010, Sami said goodbye to his father. He was going to Britain, his second home, with the hope of coming back to the Jasmine City in the summer of...

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