04. 12. 2017

Coffee Shops

By Amr AlFaham A lot of my youthful memories were shaped in and around cafés. To be frank, a lot of my adult memories also occurred in cafés, or featured cafés in them....

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13. 11. 2017

A Stroll in Aleppo

By Pauline Saadé Anthony While visiting Aleppo in the summer of 2010, I invited my American-born husband to stroll through its streets, starting from our old house in Azizieh, a neighbourhood near the citadel....

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22. 04. 2017
Vineyard by CAFNR via Creative Commons

The Land We Once Had

By Abdullah Allabwani Alzabadany means “the Good” – a land that doesn’t let a seed lie in vain, but nurtures it until it grows to become a tree and gives its produce to...

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26. 02. 2017
Shahba Old Town2_photo by Amr Al-Faham (1)


By Anonymous I always miss the small town of Breeke, especially in the holidays. It’s not a fancy place. The locals plant aubergine in little fields – they love to fry aubergine. Or...

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09. 10. 2016
Hyde Park_Naor Mark_Creative Commons

A Londoner

By Firas I moved to London in October 2010. Before the war, people would ask me: “Where are you from?” And when I said: “From Syria,” many people would ask: “Where is Syria?”...

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21. 06. 2016

A Glass of Apricot

By Maya Deyri What do you mean by a glass of apricot? Apricots grow on trees. You find them on a fruit stall, or hanging from a tree. You are supposed to eat them,...

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28. 02. 2016
Creative Commons, Becky

Secrets of Preservation

By Tètè (Grandmother) Amira, translated by Samer Khoury Syrians are specialists in preservation. Vegetables used to be soaked in salty water, then dried and stockpiled in glass jars. Take the Hamwian eggplant, a...

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28. 11. 2015

Craving Broasted

By Daniela Nofal Not a single day goes by without something triggering a thought about Syria, my home or my childhood. Today, despite being a vegetarian for two years now, the trigger was...

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21. 06. 2015
Creatiive commons quantestorie

Flashbacks From Damascus

By Masa Kateb I miss everything about Damascus, down to the smallest details. I miss walking around the old city through alleys I’d discovered for the first time I miss chit chat with...

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25. 05. 2015

The Vegetables Notebook

By Khaled Alesmael In our house everything has a notebook, beginning with the shopkeeper’s monthly notebook, the provisioning notebook, the family notebook, the salary notebook, the dictation notebook, the phone book. All these notebooks...

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29. 10. 2014


By Rana Abdul Fattah “I pray every day for the souls of the dead and I read the Quran every morning, but something is wrong with my heart.” The woman speaking is a mother of...

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23. 09. 2014

Haurani Cinnamon

By  Maha Mekdad In Bosra Esham, when a new baby is born, we serve a cup of hot cinnamon and home-grown walnuts. It is a drink we prepare long before the birth. The...

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20. 09. 2014
Syrian candy by Trilli Bagus

The Smallest Gifts

By Daniela Nofal As a child, the trip to the grocery store was the highlight of my day. Maybe it was because I was allowed to go out, run around and contemplate adventures. Or...

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