Dreams and ambitions: Tell us yours

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“I hope I will be safe to pursue my ambitions. I hope to show the world I am an Arab dancer, from the country of Syria, and make real the dreams of my father.”

My Father’s Dream


What career path have you chosen? Where do you hope it will take you? Who encouraged you to pursue this ambition? What obstacles stand in your way?

Talking Syria is collecting stories of professional ambition and dreams. We don’t mind whether it’s something you want to achieve over the next year, or the next fifty years. We are simply interested to hear how you are working towards it, and why you want to do it. We welcome submissions both from Syrians, and those who have a close connection to the country.

If you have an ambition, please drop us a line at talkingsyria [at] gmail.com, or fill in our submissions form. Feel free to write in Arabic. If you would like to write for us but are not sure how to go about it, we can provide guidance.

Completed stories will be published on our non-political blog platform and shared via social media. As well as collecting the work of writers, we hope the blog will provide a richer understanding of Syria and inclusive Syrian culture.

Image: Pranav, via Creative Commons 

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